The timing is right for rumours like this to be pretty accurate. Korean news outlet DDaily has a confirmation that the Samsung Galaxy S22 range will launch on February 8th. This will be done at Samsung’s yet to be announced, Galaxy Unpacked event.

DDaily also note that “A Samsung Spokesperson” confirmed for them:

  • Invitations to the event will be sent at the end of January
  • Three devices: Presumably S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra, will be announced
  • A combination — market dependent — of Qualcomm and Samsung processors (AP) drive the devices

Pre-orders will start, as is usually the case, the day after the event with sales on the 24th of February. If you’re quick and pre-order yours should ship on, or around the 21st of February. We’ll be keeping on top of the details for Samsung’s new devices as it emerges.

Is the Galaxy S22 on your shopping list in 2022?