The reality is that we know it’s coming, and we’ve got a lot of the info about the device already. But it seems that, before Google I/O on their own YouTube Channel, Google accidentally leaked the Pixel Fold.

The ad is a smorgasbord of NBA superstars, aligned with the NBA Playoffs currently underway in the USA. Fans would have noted the — rather prominent — presented by Google Pixel sponsorship, with the easily predicted flow on of the Pixel Fold advertising.

The ad shows multiple features of the device, with the phone shown closed, partially, and fully open. You’ll see a video call transition seamlessly from the front screen to the inner display when the phone is opened.

It’s only hours until the keynote kicks off, and we officially get all of the juicy details. It’s an exciting time of the year, what are you most excited about at Google I/O tomorrow?

**Update** Around 11:15 pm Eastern time, the video has been set to private.