Deal Expired – Millennius has sold through their stock. Unknown as to wether this price will be repeated when they have more stock.
The pricing war between the grey importers is heating up, this morning we saw that Millennius was offering the Galaxy Nexus for $359 + $19 delivery and they’ve just tweeted that they are currently offering the Marble White Samsung Galaxy S III for $529 + $19 delivery with dispatch in 2 Business days, which undercuts Kogan’s price on the same phone by $30. Millennius actually don’t offer the Pebble Blue version of the SGS III but if you are actually in the market for a Marble White unlocked GSM Galaxy S III then this could be a pretty good deal for you. All I can say is that this sort of competition for outright pricing on handsets is sorely needed and can only benefit us as consumers.

Source: Millennius.
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Ayoub Hage

Dam I bought mine of gumtree for $600