Kogan - Agora Smartphone
Back when Android was first announced a small relatively unknown company then made big waves by announcing that they were about to release the first Android phone, that company was Kogan and it was to be the Agora Smartphone. Well, fast-forward just over 4 years later and we may finally see the Kogan Agora smartphone in action albeit in a very different form factor to what it was going to be.

Gizmodo has been tipped that Kogan will be doing their own announcement at CES on Thursday to announce a dual-SIM phone with a screen size similar to that on the Galaxy Note. The phone will also pack in a 2000mAh battery as well as expandable memory all for a rumoured $149.

Head on over to the Gizmodo post to check out some more photos they have of the device and see what you think, at that price I’d be tempted to get one just to try it out.

Source: Gizmodo.
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    Well the phones on Kogans website now doesnt seem to bad for $149, considering i just shattered the screen of my galaxy nexus it might tide me over till i find something else

    Greg McPherson

    Ahh well, it’s up for presale.

    And yeah, the specs make it worth the price.
    5″ 480×800
    Android 4.0.4
    512MB RAM
    Dual-core 1GHz Cortex-A9
    Dual SIM
    5MP Camera.

    It’s… it’s a budget phone.

    Expected ship date: 26 Feb 2013


    Hmm, clearly a Galaxy Note ripoff design-wise. That battery looks about 1.5-2 times larger than the Notes 2500mAh one, though. Can’t leave much room for hardware.

    Greg McPherson

    I had a quick look at the CES website.

    Neither Kogan nor Agora are exhibitors.
    If this is happening, they’re just rocking up tomorrow and making an announcement?


    It’ll be cheap and crap, but at least they’re giving people an option. If you want something more substantial then buy a Samsung/HTC/Sony/Moto etc. At that price it might just be a throwaway that you can tinker around on, take overseas and not care about damaging or losing it etc etc. Actually… it would be perfect for travel with the dual sim. If it gets nicked it’s only a $150 phone (plus the charges you’ll get on your bill, but there are other fixes for that)

    Greg McPherson

    If it is not outright horrifically bad, it might tide me over until the Nexus 4 sells again.
    Lets see what we see.

    … and make a double thickness 4000mah battery for it Koges.

    Christopher Theofilaktos

    Screen size of a galaxy note for $149??? Unless it’s running an 800mhz CPU with 500 mb ram and a resolution of 480*320, I don’t see how they’re going to pull that one off. But a decent phone with dual sim sounds like an untapped market to me (Unless there are some other phones I’m not aware of)

    Sean Royce

    I’m sure it’d have respectable hardware, and I doubt they’d mess with the UI too much which’ll keep things running smoothly.

    Christopher Theofilaktos

    I don’t understand how it can have respectable hardware and a screen size that big for only $149?

    EDIT: I know it’s only a rumored price tag, but for arguments sake.

    Sean Royce

    Mm, agreed 100%, only time can tell.


    To me Kogan = Shoddy crap unless they are selling someone elses product. Not impressed at all with their quality. That battery is way too small.