White Nexus 4 Qualcomm
The possibility of a White Nexus 4 has been with us for some time, CarPhone Warehouse first sparked the rumour back in November last year and we first saw it in January this year and ever since the unicorn White Nexus 4 has been hunted.

Well, it appears that Qualcomm have one. At ‘The Mobile Show’ tech conference in Dubai, the team over at TechView found the phone acting as a demo unit at a Qualcomm booth. They advised that the device is running Android 4.2 and appeared to be ‘pretty much the same’ internally.

The front of the unit is still black which sort of defeats the purpose of having a white phone for me, the white Galaxy S4 is much more pleasant to look at in terms of continual colouration across the front and back.

The fact that the device is being used by Qualcomm as a demo unit, really just illustrates to me anyway that the device has been created purely as an engineering concept that will most likely never actually see the light of retail sales.

Check out the video below and let us know, is a black front device with a white back, really all that desirable.

Source: TechView.
Via: AndroidCentral.