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A brand new video has just surfaced of a hands-on with what appears to be a prototype phase Nexus 5 running an early build of Android 4.4. It’s not your usual blurrycam affair either, filmed and uploaded to YouTube in glorious HD it’s our clearest view yet at what Google has up their sleeves.

The phone in the video appears to be prototype hardware due to the lack of ‘Nexus’ branding emblazoned across the back as we’ve seen in more final hardware but it’s still our clearest look yet. The video shows the front – including the round speaker piece with front facing camera clearly to the left. It shows the volume rocker on the right and power button to the left with the SIM card slot just beneath. At the base are dual speaker grills with a microUSB port at the base, the top has a mic hole as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack. The back has the extremely large lens poking just out from what appears to be the very matte material that’s being used as the battery cover(which seems to be non-removable)

From the video you can tell it is from a french source due to the software being in French and the Google Earth Demo automatically zooming to the location of the user – the URL embedded helps too. The OS is definitely an early build of Kit Kat in that it uses Key Lime Pie as the Version name.

Have a look through the video and see what you think.

Source: YouTube.
Via: AndroidPolice.
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geoff fieldew

Wow, big lens for a phone. I hope it’s a good quality glass of some sort. Looking forward to the OIS too – maybe Google will deliver their first great phone imaging experience with the Nexus 5. I like the dual speakers at the bottom. This brings the phone into line with Google’s 2 Nexus tablets which both have dual speakers. It’s a good place to have them without adding an oversized bezel ala HTC One – just my opinion. I guess the downside is that you don’t get as much stereo separation. Software looks too early to comment on,… Read more ยป


Its really starting to look a little more iPhone like to me with the dual speaker grids in the bottom and the little circle page indicators in the launcher


Looks like there is no messaging app. And hangouts is on the main home screen where messaging would be. This would confirm that they will be combined.
But this is also weird considering he is using some outdated Google apps like chrome and YouTube


The phone also has quickoffice, which is a recentish release. Maybe the phone hasn’t updated their apps?


Yeah, it seems like it. Just a bit weird though, I think. In the video they even go to the playstore, so it’s not like they can’t sign in to use it.


Yeah, it seems like it. Just a bit weird though, I think. In the video they even go to the playstore, so it’s not like they can’t sign in to update them.


Prototype. Maybe they just aren’t bothered


Yeah. Maybe.