If you’re in the market for a cheap low to mid range phone, JB Hi-Fi have some great deals on the Motorola Moto G and Moto X at the moment.

Both devices are currently listed on JB Hi-Fi’s website; $243 for the Moto G and a mere $438 for the Moto X.

However, if you’re willing to do a little haggling for their best cash price you may be able to get them down to $225 for the Moto G and $420 for the Moto X, like I did without too much trouble.

They are also running another promotion at the moment where you can trade-in your old phone for an instore credit. (*Offer not available in WA Stores. Conditions apply). To check whether your device is accepted for trade-in, please contact your nearest store.




So if you have an old phone laying around collecting dust or you simply want to get a new phone at a reasonable price, get into JB Hi-Fi and see how much you can pick one for.

Let us know how you go.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.
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The Good Guys had the Moto G on sale for $218 until this Monday and Officeworks has it for $238 every day. I’m not sure why JB’s price of $243 is that special.

Jamie Saltmarsh

Hi Pumpino, thanks for your comment. I get your point about JB’s price not being that special but I was just trying to let people know that if they are willing to haggle they might be able to get the Moto G cheaper than the advertised price. Also, one other thing to note, I don’t believe any of the other major retailers are selling the Moto X and at $420 its a bargain.


Moto X for $420 is a great deal. Moto G at that pricing is not. If you go to Officeworks you can price match against Mobileciti (http://www.mobileciti.com.au/motorola-moto-g-xt1033-black) for $218 and get it for $207.10 instead. That’s better than $225. I got one last week.