Earlier this month, LG announced their brand new 5.5″ QuadHD IPS display which was destined for the G4 which will be announced at the end of the month. Today LG has shown off the IPS Quantum display in their latest teaser video, showing some of the benefits of the newer technology.

Of course, the screen is the same size and resolution as the panel from the LG G3, but this new panel offers a 25% brighter, and 20% Wider Colour Range than the previous panel. The panel sounds impressive, and from the video they showed, the tangible benefits promise to show a nice display – something LG have excelled at previously.

Ausdroid will be attending the world-wide launch of the G4 in Singapore later this month, where we look forward to bringing you all the news about the phone and any other announcements made.

Source: LG Mobile.
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Mark Corlson

Can’t say I’m excited for the G4 after experiencing the laggy mess that is my G3. Also overheats really quickly.

Phill Edwards

I wonder what all that extra brightness does to battery life?


With the extra brightness, I hope LG have a larger capacity battery in the G4


No, it’s 3000mAH once again…


I think I saw somewhere that one of the improvements of the display is better power consumption so the extra brightness shouldn’t impact battery life.