Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active has been outed by the company themselves, proving that the phone exists – if multiple leaks of the device weren’t enough to prove it already.

The page which shows the Galaxy S6 Active is used to show the differences in levels of support of their Samsung Plus warranty program. With the Galaxy S6 Active listed amongst currently released handsets and tablets. The phone has a ‘Product Launch Date’ of April 10th, but as this date has come and gone, it’s easy to see why we’ve seen shots of the phone in the wild.

When Samsung will release the handset, and whether it will be a global – or US only release – remains to be seen. We’ll surely hear more from Samsung on this front as soon as they have something official to say.

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Stephen Crisafulli

Im betting we will will never see this outside of the AT@T exclusive, I really think this type of phone would sell gang busters to the normal folks. But Samsung LG Google Moto and so on havent a fucking clue what people really want, Where is the phone with 3-5 day battery we have all been screaming for for the last 5 years.