OnePlus is working on a new phone, their CEO Pete Lau has already confirmed this, as well as likely pricing and the processor the phone will use. Now an entry in benchmarking site GeekBench may point towards some more specs on the phone.

Appearing under the model number OnePlus ONE A2001, an update on the A1001 which the OnePlus One carried last year. The device in GeekBench uses the MSM8994 processor which for those playing at home is the Snapdragon 810 with X10 LTE, that Pete Lau confirmed and it also has 2777MB of RAM – so it will come with 3GB of RAM, which is seemingly the new industry standard.

GFXBench OnePlus Two

As you can see the phone is listed with Android 5.1, but will most likely be running the custom, though surprisingly stock OxygenOS ROM that was released for the OnePlus One last month. OnePlus have enjoyed working with the custom ROM industry, as OxygenOS is being created using developers behind the Paranoid Android ROM. While the initial OxygenOS ROM is fairly stock, we should see some improvements for a large scale release like the OnePlus Two.

The phone will apparently go on-sale for around 2499.99 Yuan, or around AU$509, and at this stage there’s been no new information on sales outside the areas that OnePlus established with the OnePlus One – so you’ll need to import the phone from the US again with all the associated costs of shipping forwarders.

The phone is apparently on-track for a Q3 release and the much derided invitation system which OnePlus recently dropped for sales on the OnePlus One is apparently set to make a return. With OnePlus’ well known love of teasing, we can surely expect to see a spirited campaign in the lead up to the launch – whenever it may be.

Are you looking forward to a OnePlus Two handset?

Source: GeekBench.
Via: 9to5Google.
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The ‘New 2015 Flagship KILLER’ will ‘sport’ 3GB of RAM when Zenfone 2 has 4GB and Snap(fever)Dragon 810°(goes up to 810 degrees). Cool, ‘Killer’. But I’ll pass this time.

Marné Prinsloo

Can’t wait for this phone!