JB Hifi One M9 on-sale
HTC’s One M9 was the first of the mainstream OEM flagships to launch in Australia this year, steaming into stores on the 24th of March. At launch the M9 retailed for a fairly high $1099, though competition saw retailers soon start offering the phone at a more reasonable $999. Now, HTC and JB Hifi are offering the One M9 for just $799.

The One M9 is being offered for $799 in both Grey and Silver, though the Silver version has a quite visually pleasing Gold dual-tone edge. Hardware wise, the M9 is a top-notch phone and despite some over-zealous reporting on benchmark performance we have never had issues with overheating or slow downs from the Snapdragon 810 processor in our review or since. Software wise, the One M9 launched with Lollipop, and we believe there’s positive news that 5.1.1 is launching for the handset soon.

If you’re after a good deal on a HTC One M9, the phone is available at $799 for a limited time. Head in to your local JB Hifi or check on-line for more details.

Source: JB Hifi.
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The HTC One M9 is a great smartphone. With an awesome design, top notch performance, great software and an improved camera, it should suit most users just fine. But at the same time it no longer sits at the top of the flagship smartphone pecking order.