Telstra are having a bit of a ‘thing’ to ring in the launch of Google’s new Pixel range this morning, opening their George St Sydney flagship store at 8.00am so customers can get in early and grab a Pixel before work. While this might not quite have the draw of an Apple iPhone launch, with people queued around the city streets and some even camping out for days … we’re certainly expecting a bit of interest here.

Because Jason has to travel through the city to get to his day job, he thought he might swing by the Telstra George Street store to see what’s going on. You can watch his Periscope video of the events from 7.45am, and we might even get the first retail sale as well. Who knows what Jason will capture, but you can watch, below:

Are you buying a Pixel today? Where are you headed to grab one?

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    I played with it at JB today. Rather bland design. As much as I prefer stock Android, at this price point the, I will pass unfortunately 🙁
    Have big hopes for Galaxy S8, with its 10nm processor.

    Jamie S

    No display stock at JB Broadbeach, Gold Coast. Those guys won’t even take one out of the box to try and sell it. That really frustrates me


    JB hifi in Westfield paramatta have 10 units of each pixel variants.


    The telstra shop here is all getting dolled up with streamers, Google Play logos and … Chrome logos.
    Will pop in to see what they have out on display in a bit.


    My order still says “Pending” from google themselves, so I can technically cancel this preorder and walk into Telstra/JB and just buy it outright, or wait 5-7 days for delivery directly from the seller? What a joke/fail.

    Jamie S

    That’s why I never preorder anymore. You can walk into a store on launch day and just buy it after you have played with it first


    I just cancelled my preorder and walked into telstra and saved $5 lol. Done and done.

    Jamie S

    Sweet, so they sold it outright?


    Yep, just had to say I was on a Telstra plan, I really am, but they didnt check.

    Jamie S

    They wouldn’t sell it to me even though I’m on a Telstra sim only plan. I’ll go back there and tell them I’ll just buy it from JB if they won’t sell it to me and see what they say.

    Shakeel Ali

    They probably wont care, espeically if its a store with limited stock as an outright sales make next to no money for a carrier. You’re more likely to be able to grab one from the bigger stores like Bondi, George Street or Parramatta, or from a JB Hi-Fi

    Jamie S

    Well the JB I went to had no display stock and wouldn’t take one out of the box for me to look at. There’s no way I’m dropping $1K plus on a phone instore without feeling it in the hand first. Telstra should have dummy units too so at least you can feel it in the hand without the bulky security devices attached


    Has anyone’s google store pre order shipped yet? Mine still says pending

    Jamie S

    Telstra have Pixel genuine Pixel clear cases for $50 and a VR on display too. No outright sales yet but plenty of stock Instore

    Jamie S

    JB Hifi Pacific Fair, Broadbeach Gold Coast, no stock yet but Google rep is coming in soon to set up display and they will have stock of both variants


    XL Silver 128 out of stock everywhere. I am wondering Google have enough productivity.


    Suppose They Gave a Launch and Nobody Came?