The writing is on the wall for owners of replacement Samsung Note 7 phones with the electronics giant announcing today that they will be releasing an update to all replacement Note 7s in Australia implementing the same 60% battery restriction that the original stock eventually received.

Richard Fink, Vice President IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics Australia said:

“Customer safety is our number one priority and we are asking customers who still have a Galaxy Note7 to immediately complete a data back-up and factory reset before powering-down the device and returning it to their place of purchase”.

If you have a Note 7 you should know by now that the entire product line has been decommissioned and all units recalled. If you have a Note 7 please follow the official recall instructions.

Let’s hope Samsung doesn’t over react to the product issues and finds what the cause was, discloses it to the public, and comes back with a bigger and better Note 8 in 2017. After we decided that the Note 7 was (before the battery issues) probably the best smartphone to hit the market this year, it’d be a shame not to see Samsung repair the damage and do even better next year.

Source: Samsung Australia.
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Fiddle Castro

As for trying to get a refund out of Samsung…geeze, promises promises and still no refund after a month. Don’t they realise this affects my attitude towards them, and therefore my impetus in buying more of their products?


Just don’t buy Samsung phone anymore. We have so many other choices.


Really… the people using the phone still are the problem not Samsung. They produce more phones than any other company and you make a comment like that.


Wow, did you parent educate yourself properly when you were young? It’s really shame for your parent and Australian. Low people


TT enough already. your childish posts are too much. Negativity gets you nowhere and to see you popping up all the time with these comments is really annoying. I wish there was a block feature.
BTW your comment makes no sense at all and spelling is terrible.

Newcastle Guardian

They should be totally bricked and that would be the end of all this business.


Still would rather this than a Google Pixel XL but it looks like I have no choice :'(

Trevor Phillips

You could wait a little longer for a S8 edge, which will basically be an upgraded Note 7 without an S-Pen

Dean Rosolen

Are all the carriers on board with regard to their variants?


From the sounds of it this will be rolled out to all devices by Samsung, regardless of where it was purchased.

Dean Rosolen

Carrier-specific variants for any update. Once an update clears carrier testing, it goes to the OEM who then pushes the Big Red Button™.


Incorrect sorry. This is not always the case.