Samsung is set to launch the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in just a few hours, but that means it’s open slather on leaks of all types including the user manual which includes instructions for the Bixby assistant, notifications, infinity display and lots more.

Bixby is a massive part of the Galaxy S8 announcement, with Samsung pre-announcing their virtual assistant just a few days ago. According to the manual you will need an internet connection, as well as a Samsung account to use the tool. Bixby will respond to both voice commands to help you send a text, as well as analyse what’s on your screen and offer suggestions based on that. Bixby will also apparently have a Home page filled with cards full of relevant information such as weather, reminders and alarms. Bixby will also have a tie-in with the camera to allow you to image search, as well as find an item online for purchase.

The Infinity Display is mentioned with instructions on using both the Multi-window mode and the Edge applications. Notifications as well get a look in, with instructions on how to use the Always-on display with regards to using the clock, accessing notifications and lots more.

There’s loads more of information from the handbook, like how to use the iris scanner, Bluetooth Dual Audio (Yep you can broadcast to two BT headsets) and heaps more. The handbook which is showing up in an imgur gallery thanks to a reddit user is a trove of information and should keep you busy for the next few hours until the actual launch occurs.

Source: Imgur.
Via: reddit.