Woolworths don’t want to miss out on the excitement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 range announcements today, and they’re offering some compelling deals with their access to Telstra’s 3G and 4G networks. With coverage for more than 23 million Australians, and plans starting at $65/mo for the Galaxy S8, and $69/mo for the Galaxy S8+, this could be one of the cheapest ways to grab one of the new Galaxy S8 range on one of Australia’s widest networks.

Here’s the full details of Woolworths’ pricing offers for the range:

Handset Plan Price Price Breakdown Min Cost Over 24 months Data
Galaxy S8 Small $72 $35 plan + $37 handset $1,728 1GB
Galaxy S8 Medium $65 $50 plan + $15 handset $1,560 4GB
Galaxy S8 Large $92 $70 plan + $22 handset $2,208 8GB
Galaxy S8+ Small $76 $35 plan + $41 handset $1,824 1GB
Galaxy S8+ Medium $69 $50 plan + $34 handset $1,656 4GB
Galaxy S8+ Large $95 $70 plan + $25 handset $2,280 8GB

Further details on available dates and pre-order information will be on Woolworths Mobile’s website soon.

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If you subscribe via Woolworths to the Telstra network, I presume you don’t get any perks like NRL streaming data free and Telstra Air?? Family data sharing. Is my assumption accurate?

IT Enquirer

Why does Woolworth’s mobile only use “parts of the Telstra mobile network”?
What “parts” do they use?
Where do they get the rest of their coverage, if any?
What’s the catch?

The Black Stump

Been with Woolies mobile for 18 months, never had an issue. The “parts” you are talking about are 3G and 4G.


Seems to good to be true at those prices!!!

Colin Harkness

Looks like the small and medium prices need to be swapped


Oh far out, I was so excited for half a second. Ha.


It might be correct, current offer of $15 off all 4GB plan, if that applies then the stated price in the article is correct.