Samsungs recently announced Galaxy S8 hasn’t reached consumers as yet, but a handset has made its way into the hands of display specialists DisplayMate, who’ve proclaimed the screen used on the phone the ‘Best Performing Smartphone Display’.

The display on the S8 has earned DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade in their report on the display. The updated 3K QuadHD+ (2960×1440) resolution curved display which has a blue light filter, the highest peak brightness (1,020 nits) and the lowest owest Screen Reflectance (4.5%) led to the awarding of the A+ rating.

DisplayMate said in their report:

The Galaxy S8 is the first in a new generation of OLED Smartphones that have a Full Screen Display design. It has many major and important state-of-the-art display performance enhancements, features and functions, with mobile OLED display technology now advancing faster than ever. The Galaxy S8 is the most innovative and high performance Smartphone display that we have ever lab tested.

Of course, these are lab test results, so we’re waiting on real world tests of the phone – which should come along very quickly. We hope to get hands on with the phone shortly with a review unit before the Australian launch to give you our first impressions.

Source: DisplayMate.
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Janet Scott

Thanks for sharing such an informative post. Really i don’t know about this information before read this article.


Just a question in relation to the up and coming release of the S8. why is Samsung using 2 different processors on their phone. I heard the US is getting the Snapdragon and the rest of the world is getting Exynos. Is there an advantage in one or the other. yet other feature’s like the screen I would assume be the same. and also I noticed the battery milli amp hour has decreased from the S7 edge is due to Samsung taking precautions after the Note 7 debacle. I was going to order the new S8 plus but I might… Read more »

Mikhail Cass

Even the s7 used two different processors.
Short answer is licensing agreement.


The processor in us is different cause of CDMA bands that needs support are only done by snapdragon. Hence they use it . Yeah i agree with battery they reduced it ?