CES is not usually the place where new phones are announced but some brands do prefer to not get lost in the limelight at MWC. TCL is favouring this approach this year and is set to announce not just new devices but also new technologies at CES.

TCL’s presence at CES will include the Blackberry range on display as well as some announcements of upcoming updates for them including the BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE.

Alongside the Blackberry phones TCL will be announcing their new Alcatel lineup of phones and “internet products”. The first series of Alcatel smartphones for the year will include the TCL-made Alcatel Full View Display. The Full View Display is a bit light on for details at this stage but will include edge-to-edge and dot displays. All will be revealed later in the week.

The new panel will be made in-house by TCL Communication’s sister company CSOT which manufactures the panels for TCL TVs. This close relationship with the panel manufacturer will hopefully ensure timely support and prioritised access to the latest display technologies.

Peter Lee, General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing at TCL Communication, has said:

At TCL Communication, we continue to push the evolution of our mobile and internet products, and while our Alcatel and BlackBerry devices at CES will show what we can deliver today, it’s what we are debuting in our new display technology that proves what we will deliver in the future.

TCL will be using CES to not only demonstrate their current display technology but also the TCL technology of the future. At this stage it is unclear what this is but with TCL and CSOT leaders in LTPS, AMOLED and flexible displays you can be sure it will be something worth checking out.

The nature of the new phones and technologies will be announced in the coming days so keep an eye out here for more information as it comes to hand. Of course Australian availability and pricing is yet to be announced.

Source: TCL Communications.