Back in November we reviewed the Razer Phone 2 and while it’s a very good phone outright, its somewhat missed the mark in terms of pricing and filling a hole in the market. With rumours of the Razer Phone 3 coming, it’s surely to drop in price which will make it very attractive to some users. This attraction will also increase with the knowledge that an update to Android Pie is coming for the device.

Fortnite on Razer Phone 2

The update will bring the Razer Phone 2 into line with the expectation of flagship devices and continue to offer a Stock Android experience if the sneak peek 9 to 5 Google got is anything to go by.

The update will be rolling out this time next week for unlocked devices, but if you’re carrier locked (mainly US users) you’ll have to wait a touch longer.

Source: 9 to 5 Google.