Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range made the move from rear-mounted fingerprint sensors to an in-screen sensor, and while Duncan didn’t mind it in his review, others have remarked about the lack of accuracy and speed.

Samsung is aware of this, and is working to fix it with a new software update. Software can’t make hardware better, but it might be able to make it work better, and that might be good enough.

There’s a firmware patch rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S10 devices at the moment, and it appears to be updating the biometrics firmware on devices. It’s coming via the Samsung Galaxy Store, and unfortunately there’s no way to trigger the update manually; you just have to wait and see.

Reports from users who’ve received the updates are positive, but because it’s hard to measure the performance, we agree with Android Police’s assessment that the placebo effect could be in play here.

Separately to the biometrics update, there’s a full system update rolling out as well. At over 500MB in size, it includes the March 2019 security patch as well as other unspecified improvements. It’s likely (though not confirmed) that the biometrics update is included in that update too, but this lack of clarity means users can’t really be sure if their fingerprint scanner performance is any better or not.

Let us know what you find.

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Peter Graham

Found this just posted on reddit .. appears to be a lot fast according to the video ..


I’ve got and installed both and do kind of feel a difference, but as you said hard to know for certain