There is a significant focus from smartphone manufacturers at the moment around camera performance in low light conditions, so much so that dedicated night modes have been implemented by many of them.

The latest to follow suit on this trend is Samsung who have delivered a night mode to the Galaxy S10 range with their latest firmware upgrade.

The S10 change brings what was previously the automated “bright night” setup into a stand alone camera mode. This is excellent for users as the bright night feature was somewhat hit and miss in terms of when it triggered, and I’ve had more than a few reports from friends with S10 phones that they’ve been disappointed in the results.

SamMobile notes that the update has been delivered in Switzerland as part of the April patch, but there are no immediate reports of it being available outside that region yet. If you’ve got a Galaxy S10, you can check if the update is availble manually by going to settings –> Software Update and checking for an update.

What improvements would you like to see manufacturers make to phones once they move past the current camera battles?

Source: SamMobile.