Over the last week, we’ve seen reports from S10 users that the May 2019 security update has been causing problems. We hadn’t experienced this directly, until Duncan’s Galaxy S10 Plus received the update yesterday, and it just about bricked his phone.

It appears Samsung has now taken action and pulled the update, meaning users who haven’t yet applied it won’t be able to download it for the moment. Samsung hasn’t – as yet – offered any official comment, so it’s unclear when the next update will become available.

Users complained about various bugs, including popular 3rd party apps freezing unexpectedly, without apparent cause. Nova Launcher was the main app we noticed with issues, but it extended into the system layer too – the touch panel became completely unresponsive leaving us unable to turn the phone off or restart it.

Eventually, we found plugging it into a power source allowed the touch panel to operate again and a swift reboot got the phone working again (kind of), and turning off Nova Launcher seems to have kept the phone somewhat usable.

Despite the updated night mode, the latest update hasn’t been good for Samsung and we can only hope they nail the issues soon and get an update out for users who’ve paid money for a now somewhat shaky experience.

Samsung Australia hasn’t offered any comment at this stage but will advise us on any developments. However, we understand that Australian retail models may not be affected – the reports we’ve seen suggest it’s handsets from other markets affected at this stage.