ALDImobile has long offered its customers great value and simple plans, and its hard work has paid off, with the company having won Roy Morgan’s Customer Satisfaction Award for the Mobile Phone Service Provider of the Year 2019.

While the big 3 carriers have always done fairly well, between the other carriers – those who resell access on the big 3 networks – the competition has always been fierce, and ALDImobile has been carving out a nice little niche for itself, using Telstra’s expansive network in combination with good value plans to win over customers.

So much so, claims the company, that it has won the award for offering a trusted service for hundreds of thousands of Australians. Its customers can also reap the benefit of data rollover on many of the plans.

Switching is as simple as picking up a SIM from your local ALDI store, activating and – optionally – porting over your existing number.

Some of the most popular plans include the $25 plan with 18GB of data, the $35 plan with 35GB of data and the $80 Family Plan with 72GB of data which can be shared across four SIMs. All of these plans include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.