It feels like it’s been 87 months since the Galaxy S20 came out with 2020 being such a slog, but the S21 series is finally here with many improvements over the previous model.

Here’s a quick look at the S21 and S21+ lineup:

  • Galaxy S21, 128GB – $1249
  • Galaxy S21, 256GB – $1349
  • Galaxy S21+, 128GB – $1549
  • Galaxy S21+, 256GB – $1649

All these models come with 8GB of RAM – the difference is in the display size. The S21 comes with a 6.2-inch display, while the S21+ features a 6.7-inch display. The S21+ also offers a larger battery at 4800mAh over the standard models’ 4000mAh – presumably to give that bigger display a bit more screen time.

Galaxy S21 Cameras

The new camera array supports a range of new features including 8K snap that allows you to get highly detailed still frames from video footage, Super Steady video for stabilised 1080p footage at 60fps and Director’s View that lets you record with more than one lens at once and select your favourite shots.

Still photography gets some excellent improvements too, thanks to the triple-lens rear camera. Portrait Mode has gotten a boost with 3D environment analysis that helps separate your subject from the background, and Space Zoom adds a Zoom Lock feature that helps steady the shot even at 30x magnification.

The camera specs are a 12MP wide-angle lens, a 12MP ultrawide lens, and a 64MP telephoto lens. On the front is a 10MP holepunch lens at the top center.

Galaxy S21 Connectivity

As you’d expect, the whole range of Galaxy S21 phones support 5G, enabling faster connections to share those giant 8K video files. Thanks to a focus on privacy, the way those files are stored and shared has had a boost in security.

The new Private Share function allows you to remove location metadata from files before they’re shared, and you can control who gets access to your files as well as set a self-destruct timer on them – if you choose to accept that option.

Galaxy S21 Finishes

Both the S21 and S21+ come in a range of colours, with the standard S21 receiving the most options. All the colours start with “Phantom” thanks to a stylishly hazed finish that makes them look almost metallic.

The S21 comes in Grey, White and Pink, while the S21+ comes in Black and Silver. Both models also have an all-new Violet colour option which is definitely my favourite.

Additional exclusive colour options will be available from Samsung’s own website, including Gold and Red.

Wrapping Up

The Galaxy S21 phones are available for preorder from today on Samsung’s official site and select local retailers.