Last week OPPO delivered Colour OS 11 with the February 2021 security patch, and a few tweaks to device performance. The problem is it decimated one area of performance, Android Auto. Once the update was installed, you’re going to find that Android Auto isn’t working…

For a lot of users, that won’t be an issue but for others who are in the car and have come to rely on the functions, it’s catastrophic. There are a significant number of reports showing that once the update has been installed and you connect to your stereo, you’ll be shown a screen asking you to confirm your connection and then nothing happens.

At the moment, there is no sign of an official fix to the issue although we have reached out to OPPO for comment. In terms of short term fixes the options are essentially to roll back the update, or VPN to Europe from your phone to force the update that’s already rolling out there although it’s not a guaranteed fix.

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Hi do you know which country in Europe is rolling the update that maybe fix the issue??