We’ve already had multiple online sources confirm the existence of two OnePlus 9 models: The OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro. That really isn’t a surprise given the last couple of iterations have followed that path. But we’re now seeing renders, roughly two weeks out from the official launch.

There are a number of areas that are worth specific mentions in the presentation of the devices. The camera bump looks to be fairly significant, with a clear focus on the partnership with Hasselblad. This includes the selfie camera being a hole punch at the top of the screen, minimising the intrusion into your usable space.

From the images obtained by WiFuture, the OnePlus 9 Pro will be launching in three colours: Black, Silver and Green. To my own surprise, I actually really like the presentation of the green this year. This is the best that OnePlus has to offer and if they deliver the same as they did last year, it will be a great phone no doubt.

Perhaps following the lead of Google with a lower cost framework, the OnePlus 9 is said to be coming with a plastic frame. This reduces manufacturing costs, but also weight and from a user perspective the phone’s structure and capability to take a whack. To differentiate between the OnePlus 9 and the Pro version there are three colours here too: Black, Blue and Purple.

OnePlus has developed a reputation for delivering good quality phones, with a shift to more powerful devices in recent times. The OnePlus 9 series of phones looks to continue that with high end specs, probably matching pricing and sadly; there still isn’t an official pathway to getting hold of one in Australia.