The OnePlus forums are a treasure trove of information about their hardware, old, new and upcoming. Following recent leaks of information, OnePlus has confirmed several details about upcoming devices. The latest of these confirmations concerns the rumour of massive wireless charging capabilities.

Charging speed can be improved by either increasing amperage or voltage. With Warp Charge 50 Wireless, we increased the voltage to around 20V 2.5A. The high wattage is transferred into the OnePlus 9 Pro through the coils, after which 20V 2.5A power goes through our proprietary isolated charge pump, which turns 20V 2.5A power into 10V 5A power.

This is on top of the 65W warp charge which is said to restore the full battery from 1% charge in only 29 minutes. That is nothing short of a stunning result, but the technically minded will immediately question heat management. This too has been addressed in the forum post with three key points:

  1. The OnePlus 9 Pro’s twin battery design adopts our customized new battery cell, which has lower internal resistance, meaning it will produce less heat during charging.
  2. We increase the thickness of the coils inside the phone by 10% compared to the 8 Pro, as resorted to a customized cable to help the heat dissipation.
  3. The OnePlus 9 Pro is designed to have better cooling performance than our previous generation of devices, with a larger vapor chamber, thicker copper foil and graphite that helps keep the phone cooler while gaming as well during fast charging.

This is a really exciting time for users who enjoy seeing the latest and greatest of technology. We don’t have long to wait until we see the OnePlus phones in full detail, direct from the source. What are you most excited to see?