We’re asking more and more of our phones daily and as a result, more of the battery. We have seen plenty of phones that don’t really manage what users fairly expect of them. This is when charging capabilities becomes more important with plenty of fast charging options available. Recently the OnePlus 9 Pro, capable of recharging in under half an hour stunned, but Xiaomi just blew that out of the water with a HyperCharge 200W wired charger.

The breakdown of charging speeds on the video shows:

  • 8 minutes to get from 0% to full charge
  • 50% charge was achieved in 3 minutes and 18 seconds
  • 10% charge in an astounding 44 seconds

This isn’t something you can achieve on any current phone, this was a concept delivered on a customised phone. But that’s not all that Xiaomi has delivered, they also have a wireless 120W charger that fills a battery in 15 minutes. Both charging times are said to be world records:

Given this was achieved with customised hardware, it’s clearly not ready for consumers but it’s a beautiful concept. Looking ahead at how fast charging can possibly be, battery scares should be a thing of the past. Although, I’m not sure I’d leave a 200W charger unattended, at least in the first generation until the technology is proven safe.

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Sujay Vilash

200W of current will generate a lot heat. How will the phone and battery life fare with this much current and heat? But love the idea.


This is a great idea, I guess I just worry what it means for the life and safety of the battery. Old habits die hard what if we leave them charging overnight still (not sure why you would besides being paranoid about your alarm but still) will the battery capacity plummet or are there risks of overcharging being dangerous