Vivo has continued to build its arsenal of mobiles over the past couple of years. Focusing primarily on mid-range devices where the market is hot and the growth of features huge. The X60 Pro 5G is a significant leap forward from their usual — $150 – $400 — market target, with a clear focus on a high-end camera experience with a $1,099.00 device.

The specs

As they make their way into the higher end of the market, Vivo has had to up their spec game also. The X60 Pro has a Snapdragon 870, 256GB of UFS3.1 storage 12GB of physical ram. The screen is a 6.56-inch, HDR10+ certified 120Hz refresh/240Hz response rate AMOLED display. All of this is powered by a 4,200mAh battery that has Flash charge capability from the 33W charger included – capable of getting your battery to 63% in 30 minutes.

The software is Android 11 with Funtouch OS 11.1 on it out of the box. In a piece of excellent news for the security and value-conscious buyers: Vivo has confirmed 3 years of major OS and security updates to all of their X devices. The X60 Pro is only 7.59 mm thin and weighs 177 grams which is impressive given what’s jammed inside the device.

Perhaps taking a lead from OnePlus and their partnership with Hasselblad, Vivo has partnered with ZIESS; a company with a long history in photography and optics. The aim being, to provide users with great quality photos and shake-free footage bringing features to the X60 Pro 5G such as:

  • Gimbal Stabilisation 2.0
  • Extreme Night Vision 2.0
  • Pixel Shift Ultra HD Imaging
  • VIS 5-AXIS

The image capture experience is driven by not just software, but the ZEISS capability in hardware previously only seen by professional photographers at a huge cost. Given the quality of cameras available on mobile devices in the current era, if this in fact a leap forward, it could be amazing in-home and creative uses.

Laura Hayward, Communications Manager for Vivo Australia said:

Captured memories are often ruined with blurry imagery and shaky footage, the X60 Pro solves this with a built-in Gimbal Stabiliser. The technology counteracts hand movements, so Aussies can experience a steady shot every time, whether it’s a spontaneous moment or a live action event the X60 Pro will capture it in perfect clarity – bringing us all a little closer.

The actual camera setup is a three camera array: 48MP main gimbal camera + 13MP wide-angle macro + 13MP professional portrait with 50mm equivalent focal length. The main gimbal camera is on a suspension mount that will hugely improve the stability of footage, even when you’re filming by hand. The selfie cam is high level too, a 32MP front camera which — on paper — will deliver great performance too.

Other features that will help (even amateur photographers like myself) capture good images include Pixel Shift Ultra HD which captures multiple images, calibrating the sensor each time, then processing eight images to blend the best possible results. The other is Extreme Night Vision 2.0 which is powered by an f/1.48 aperture and AI noise reduction giving users the potential to capture clear shots even in pitch darkness.

We’ll be taking a look at a review unit very soon, but if you’re keen to grab one now: The usual retailers are the place to go and you can expect to part company with $1,099.00 of your hard-earned dollars. In Australia, it’s available in Midnight Black colour.