HMD Global, the powerhouse brand behind the Nokia smartphones, had overnight put a tweet out advising they are holding a launch event on the 6th October 2021.

Within the tweeted picture, it would seem that there could be indeed a larger device, possibly a tablet alongside possible further new update Nokia devices.

In terms of specs, there are a few possible but yet to be confirmed specs of the new Nokia tablet, codenamed T20, could come with 10.36-inch display, 4GB of RAM, a Unisoc processor with possibly 64GB of onboard storage and Wi-Fi and 4G connectivity. Though I would take this with a grain of salt.

This isn’t the first time Nokia has dabbled into the tablet market, if that is what is possibly going to be launched, with the company originally launching the pocket-size Nokia N800 and N810 “Internet Tablets” back in 2007 and then again under Microsoft’s management when they purchased the Nokia mobile division, it launched the Nokia Lumia 2520 windows RT tablet. They also launched a Tablet back in 2014 called the Nokia N1, so maybe this could be third time lucky?

It will be interesting to see if Nokia do in fact launch a tablet as there have been some possible whispers and rumours speculated over the many months and years since its relaunch and we will have to wait until the 6th October, (7th in Australia) to see what the company does indeed launch.

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Astin Babbage

I;d be interestd in a 8″: Tablet but not with those specs, 4/64 ? Maybe 5 years ago but now ….hows about 6/128 at least with SD expansion.


Comparing the size of the covering, to the devices displayed, to me it feels like the covered device would be, at most maybe an 8in tablet.
Because of that, I doubt this device will be the T20