Front Page Tech has obtained images of what is said to be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. As these are the first images of the device in any detail, we’re learning about the device but don’t get much in terms of specs.

So what can we see and understand from the images?

There’s a little bit that we can pick up from the images:

  • There appears to be a recess for an S-Pen, not just “support” for it if you choose to buy one
  • The phone is, in comparison to the S21 ultra, thicker to accommodate the S-Pen
  • The camera array appears similar to last years: 108MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide, 10MP 3X telephoto and 10MP 10X telephoto
  • Curved edges to the display – Similar to the S21 Ultra

Whether or not these images are in fact, the S22 Ultra or not, time will tell. Given the usual release cycle and associated leak timeline, it’s plausible that these are in fact accurate images.

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Great to see the squared screens kept.

Daryl Hall

I’m very interested in this phone. Currently have the Note 20 Ultra on a 2 year plan ending Sept 22, like the S Pen, but don’t use it as much as I could, but find some features indespensible. Will be very interesting to compare the S22 Ultra when it’s 6 months old versus the Pixel 7 Pro if/when it arrives. Would like a phone camera with more natural colour that the over saturated Samsung images I’m currently getting and been a few years since I’ve had a Google device (Nexus 7).