Mobile connectivity is critical to our daily lives now, but it’s also still evolving. eSIM is becoming more mainstream, and now we’re starting to see MVNOs offering the service.

amaysim has turned on eSIM, which not only allows customers to download their SIM and connect in moments but opens a new world of connectivity and mobility. Devices like the Pixel Watch support eSIM and mirror existing numbers, so you don’t always need your phone to hand.

Getting connected now is faster and easier than ever:

  1. Purchase an eSIM
  2. Minutes later, your eSIM will be delivered
  3. Activate the eSIM and install it on your chosen device

Renee Garner, Head of amaysim says:

We are always looking for ways to hunt and destroy our customer pain points, so we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new eSIM technology. eSIM eliminates the need for a physical SIM card, fast tracking delivery times, down to minutes, and provides a convenient solution for those who require multiple phone numbers, making it even easier for Australian’s to experience amaysim’s Big Love.

It’s a big stem for an MNVO to be offering eSIM connectivity, hopefully, something others will follow on soon.

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can you confirm if i can connect esim to pixel watch like telstra one number, it would be deciding factor for purchasing watch


Amaysim and boost so expensive and

both they dont own infrastructure or anything

both sim cards painted with new company name and work on optus or telstra

amaysim charge 50 bucks for 80 gig

i pay 51 and i get 500 gig with vodafone