For those who are on Boost and enjoying the free trial access to 5G, there’s good news. Without fanfare, the company has extended the trial — originally end dated November this year — until 30th January 2023.

When the trial was announced, it was originally intended as a test for users and the network since, Peter Adderton, Boost Founder isn’t keen on 5G being sold at a premium.

Knowing the original end date has been passed and noticing I still had 5G on my mobile, I checked the trial page. It was interesting to note that the date has been changed to 30th January 2023 without fanfare or user notification. That’s a great result for users who want or need big bursts of speed on an intermittent or regular basis.

At this stage, we’re unsure whether this will be the ultimate end date of the trial or if there will be further extension or inclusion of 5G permanently. We’ve contacted Boost for further comment and hope to have further information on this soon.