Without huge fanfare, Boost Mobile has added its new 5G plans to the website. The plans and speed caps take effect as of April 4th following a successful trial — and subsequent extension — of 5G services.

Access to 5G services will be across the board. However, it will be speed limited unless you’re spending top dollar. The new speeds will apply to your account from the first recharge you make after April 4th.

The good news is, from what Boost’s release says anyway, is that if you’ve just recently recharged with a year-long voucher then your 4G and 5G speeds may be effectively uncapped until that voucher expires, which could be as long as 12 months away.

The speed caps that apply to your service will depend on what you recharge with, as set out in the table below:

Recharge Expiry Speed Cap
$5 – $15 7 Days 150Mbps
$20 – $40 28 Days 150Mbps
$50 28 Days 250Mpbs
$70 28 Days Uncapped
$100 6 Months 150Mbps
$150 – $300 12 Months 150Mbps

Commenting on the additonal service at no extra cost to consumers, Jason Haynes, General Manager for Boost Mobile Australia said:

There will be various download speeds, with up to 150mbps on most of our plans. We feel this will deliver a fantastic user experience that will enable consumers to get the benefits of 5G across their day-to-day activities, including hotspotting, video streaming, browsing and social media. And we have also developed an uncapped plan for those consumers who need to hotspot multiple devices or regularly transfer large files.

As always, if you’re planning on switching carriers, we recommend you check the coverage map before making the change. Personally, since I ported to Boost, I haven’t seen a reason to move away.