Merry S-mas: the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are now officially on sale in Aus. If you’ve read the Ausdroid review and decided you’re after Samsung’s latest and greatest, you’ve got a few different options.

If you’re okay with dropping over a grand in one go, the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 will set you back $1,199, while the larger Galaxy S8+ will cost a little more, and is priced at $1,349. The usual suspects – Samsung, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, and Bing Lee – are your main options.

If you want a S8 or S8+ on a contract, Telstra, Optus, Virgin, Vodafone, and Woolworths Mobile are all ranging the phones.

We’ve got every single Australian S8 and S8+ plan below, but here are a few that have caught our eye:

Woolworth’s insanely cheap $65 per month offer is gone, but they’ve added a new top-tier plan. $92 per month will get you 12GB of data and a S8, while $95 will get you the S8+. This undercuts a lot of the competition – especially if you want an S8+ – and you get the added benefits of being on the Telstra network.

When it comes to big data, Virgin will hook you up with 20GB a month and a new handset for either $105 or $110 depending on whether you want the S8 or the S8+. And if you’re a Velocity Frequent Flyer member, you can save an extra 10% on your bill.

And if you want A LOT of data, you can get either S8 model on Optus with 100GB of data for an equally massive $160 a month. It’s probably overkill for most, but it could be a good option if you’re potentially looking at replacing your fixed broadband connection at home. The plan also includes a few cool perks like unmetered streaming through a number of services, unlimited talk and text while roaming, and 1.5GB of data to use every month overseas.

Virgin’s also great when it comes to what we’d call midrange plans. $86 or $91 per month gets you 8GB of data, and unlimited talk and text. And once again, you can get 10% off if you’re a Velocity Frequent Flyer. Vodafone’s 8GB plans aren’t bad either – especially if you want $5 per day roaming – but Virgin’s are ever so slightly cheaper.

Anyway, here are the rest:

Telstra Galaxy S8 Plans

Telstra Galaxy S8+ Plans

Optus Galaxy S8 Plans

Optus Galaxy S8+ Plans

Virgin Galaxy S8 Plans

Virgin Galaxy S8+ Plans

Vodafone Galaxy S8 Plans

Vodafone Galaxy S8+ Plans

Woolworths Mobile Galaxy S8 Plans

Woolworths Mobile Galaxy S8+ Plans

Alex Choros is Associate Editor at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison websites.

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If considering woolworths you should check the coverage maps. In rural areas it has significantly less reception than Telstra Retail (and even Optus in some places) and also it doesn’t get 4G everywhere Telstra retail does. Personally I went for the $160 plan on Optus and I am happy. I replaced 2 sims (Optus + Voda) totalling $110 a month with 35GB of combined data with this one plan. So I’m paying an extra $50 a month, getting almost 3x the data and I get unmetered TV streaming too. Plus next year I just pay $100, give back the old… Read more »

Daniel Narbett

This is an awesomely useful comparison page thanks guys!


Whistleout isn’t always up-to-date.

Woolworths Mobile – Coupon
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I can’t post this with html links so sorry about that.


This is one of those cash rewards things isn’t it.


Yes, sorry I couldn’t post the link with this website. Cashrewards is also free to sign-up if anyone is interested in the offfer. Expires: 11:55 PM 05/05/2017.