is one of many Mobile Network Virtual Operators (MNVO) in the space right now and they’re continually looking for attention. Not the way a needy ex does, but more by offering consistent deals on their data access. With May the 4th fast approaching, they’ve got another deal on some pretty serious data.

For a limited time — expiring on the 17th of May — using the promotional code: MAYTHE4TH at checkout, you’ll get 100GB of data for $30 per month. As always the offer is valid for a limited time of 12 months maximum.

Our usual cautions apply to changing carriers:

  • Make sure you understand your needs
  • Check the coverage map carefully to ensure you’ll have the needed coverage
  • Take a look at the T&C before committing to antying

If the 100GB data is a bit excessive to your needs, there’s a 50GB plan for $22 per month and 8GB for $14 per month. All of these prices are consistent with previous offers, so if you’re not quite ready to jump on this time don’t worry; there will be another chance.