MVNO telco,, is having a massive End of Financial Year sale (EOFY) which it is offering new unbeatable mobile plan deals for new and existing users who are looking to get more bang for their buck.

So what are the deals? Well, basically the telco’s current 6-month offers are being extended to a full year. Meaning you can get more data along with call and text offers for less.

So here are the deals:

Plan Price Price before deal Sale price Data Inclusions
$10 N/A $10 5GB Unlimited Calls + Texts
$20 $25 $20 30GB Unlimited Calls + Texts
$25 N/A $25 50GB Unlimited Calls + Texts
$30 $45 $30 100GB Unlimited Calls + Texts

These deals are now live on the website and you can check them out here, with the deals set to expire on the 1st of July.

You can also check coverage via this link here, given does piggyback on the Optus 4G+ network so its worth checking the coverage you might be expect to have by checking via the link above.

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I’d join up if they offered data banking.

sujay_au would be a great option if only they didn’t use the Optus network.