We picked up that Boost Mobile had turned on global roaming a month ago through founder Peter Adderton’s social media. While it was online, it seems that was a testing phase that is now complete and Boost has officially announced global roaming.

For short hops overseas, these packages can be a really simple way to maintain your communication lines. Personally, I feel like Wi-Fi is going to be necessary for most people during trips though as the data allowances arne’t huge.

  • $40 gets you 5GB of data, 60 minutes of calls, 60 SMS and expires after 14 days: $2.86 per day
  • $30 gets you 3GB of data, 30 minutes of calls, 30 SMS and expires after 7 days: $4.29 per day
  • $20 gets you 1GB of data, 15 minutes of calls, 15 SMS and expires after 3 days: $6.66 per day

Global roaming is convenient and results in minimal disruption to your communication needs. For the few dollars a day, it seems a wise way to go if you’re not staying overseas for months at a time.

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Chuckles McGee

Is there any options from retailers for just SMS ? Often needed for stupid 2FA because banks etc refuse to move to Authenticators like Google, MS, Authy etal