The pandemic continues to scale up and now we’re in a position where, if possible, people are working from home.

One of the issues with this is the increasing stress on broadband networks, both in terms of more users online at the same time, and users needing more data because they’re home using their broadband more frequently.

We’ve already seen the mobile carriers offering data bonuses and calls to enable people to stay in touch safely. A number of ISPs have also extended data caps, given unlimited data outright or during specific time periods.

Superloop has joined the party by announcing in a customer email that they’re suspending all data caps until the end of April:

As Companies and Businesses ask their employees to work remotely, and schools and universities consider closing their doors and have students study from home, we expect to see a massive increase in household data usage.

As such from midday Monday, March 16th, Superloop Home Broadband suspended all data caps on our metered plans. We are essentially making all of our plans (Fixed Wireless and NBN) unlimited. This change will remain in effect until April 30th when we will re-assess.

If your Internet plan currently has a data cap and you’re now working from home, contact your provider.

Many, if not most of them are offering extended data plans for the foreseeable future. This allows users flexibility in their plan to cope with the extra time that members of their family will be at home.