A whole lot of news at the moment is based around the Xperia X10. It appears to have really taken off here in Australia and worldwide. With so much riding on the back of this phone, being SE’s first attempt at an Android Device, they had to get it right.

Did they? Well that’s completely up to the end user and how ever they use the device. For me, I don’t believe things have gone a smooth as SE had wished. The X10 packs the things you guys voted for in the Weekly Poll – a fast CPU (1GHz Snapdragon), a top-of-the-range display (4″ 854×480), exceptional camera (8.1MP – QVGA@30fps) & a custom UI. But it lets down on the second most wanted thing you guys voted for: Multi Touch. Now people might be thinking I’m getting off topic; No I’m not.

Sony Ericsson have come out and said:

By using the most recent hardware now and the possibility to update the device with software, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will not quickly antiquate

What does this mean? SE knows that it’s customer base want Multi Touch, hell, their official blog has been inundated with people voicing their disgust, and rightfully so. So instead of saying “We’re sorry, we $#%@ed up.”, they’re instead going to attempt to keep the Xperia X10 updated to the best of their abilities to make up for it. Now I’m not going against the X10, I own one and it’s the greatest Android Device out yet in my opinion, I’m against the way in which Sony Ericsson have treated the situation.

All in all; I’m glad to see the Xperia X10 get frequent updates (marvellous!!1!), I’m glad to see Sony Ericsson want this device to be around for at least a year. I’m disgusted at Sony Ericsson that they can’t admit to the user base that wanted Multi Touch (It’s needed more & more for Android Apps) that they stuffed up.

Sony Ericsson, I hope you can lift your game for your next Android Device. The Xperia X10 is an amazing device let down by some important things. Don’t let this happen again, you create very well designed phones.

I want to know what you guys think, leave a comment below.

[Cheers: Xperiax10.net]

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Gregory Opera

Meh. Multi-touch is over-rated.

Longer usage times? Now THERE’S a desired feature (particularly when I struggle to get a full day out of my Xperia X10)!


Hey guys. I bought the Xperia X10 on Thursday (1 day after the official launch). I don’t have any problems with the missing multitouch. I work at a place where we make iPhone applications. Only time we use multitouch is for maps and websites. It’s quite rare that we use multitouch. Multitouch to zoom in and out on the iPhone GPS maps can be a bit inaccurate (as in a lot of the time, I have to pinch a couple of times to get it right). The – and + buttons for the Xperia feels better for me because they… Read more ยป

Joel Villis

Yea I think they did everything well except the up to date android os and of course the multitouch

But for a phone with this much of functions and abilities, would you think the battery life is too short for it? Is there anyway we could get more battery life? I saw a battery standby time of up to 400 hours…will that only happen when I cycle my battery thru’ 5/6 times just like what other forums mentioned??

Stupid question but useful to know, thanks guys~