The LG Eve is in store at Crazy John’s, but not yet on the shelf. So keep on the lookout for it in the next few days.

The Eve is a low-end Android Device running Android 1.5 with a 528MHz CPU, 3″ Resistive Capacitive Touchscreen & 5MP Camera w/ Flash.

Our tipster said that it will be available for $299 on a prepaid bundle!

Thanks Jackie.

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The phone has terrible reviews and seems to have equal support


Support seems ok, i contacted LG and they told me there would be an update to 1.6 available, for $299 prepaid qwerty android it’s great. It ain’t no Desire but from what i can see it’s pretty much the same as DEXT at prepaid pricing?


My HTC Magic even has 1.6 before the LG Eve does

Marné Prinsloo

Btw, the screen is resistive, NOT capacitive…


$299?! that is quite cheap for a qwerty android…
anyone know if it is locked to the network or not?


Should get one of these to try the unoffical OS’s on before putting them on my HTC Magic. Dont want to risk my everyday phone


which version of android will this run? i’m guessing 1.5/1.6


I just got the email from them telling me that i missed out, but i did get a $15 music voucher…. MEH


Buzz. That sounds like a HTC Magic beefed up with a 5MP Camera and a QWERTY Keyboard


Yo Buzz,
Congrats for winning the “Telstra HTC Desire Social Review”

I know you’re too busy these days, so how about you pass it over and i’ll do the reviews for you? oh pretty pls 😀

i commented here coz u haven’t posted the results yet. i just got the email saying i wasn’t chosen! damn 🙁