There is no word more official than this ( 😉 ) that a new Android release is about to be rolled out. Google has had another treat delivered to the front of their offices, a Frozen Yoghurt. Although still packaged up, it is partially visible from the sides.

So.. Anyone else starting to get excited for a May 19-20 release? Another pic after the break

[Via: TechCrunch]

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    I totally agree.. now that T-Mobile in the US have come all out with a statement saying that all MyTouch phones will get 2.2 Vodafone AU and HTC AU need to pick their shit up and give the consumers what they paid good money for. Can we all get together and tell them to give us Australian Magic users Froyo?


    Just hope Vodafone pull their head out of there a** and elgeast give us the 2.0 update for the HTC Magic (2.2 would be a bonus that i am not counting my chickens on. Rogers in Canada has done the 2.1 update for the magic. whats stopping Vodafone AU