What do you mean Optus has a one month exclusive on the Galaxy S?! That means nothing to Virgin Mobile, apparently.

Techanist have said that Virgin is confirmed to be selling the Galaxy S via Virgin dealers, Allphones, Telechoice and Virgin stores on it’s $89 ‘Smart Cap’ which includes a whopping 3.5GB of data as well as unlimited texts to all national mobiles.

Source: Techanist.
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Spoke to a Virgin rep last night. They are happy to put me on any of the new Smart caps once Optus has had two weeks “exclusive”. My store is getting a shipment early next week so by Thursday I should be picking one up on the $49 (+$10) plan.

Marné Prinsloo

Does Virgin know that Android phones can be tethered easily and people may use this phone as a broadband modem?


This is also great for customer who want to use their phone as a modem, Virgin dont normally charge you for tethering access like Optus do. I know for a fact they dont for the iPhone, whereas Optus do.


3.5 GBytes! You could watch youtube videos for a couple of hours everyday and still have data leftover. Well, assuming you stick to the 360p setting. Youtube addicts, this might just be the plan for YOU!!


It would be a pretty smart move by Optus if they are trying to get more people onto their plan on the Optus brand rather than the Virgin brand. Bring it out at this price on Virgin, being the only ‘other’ carrier with the handset, and it being more expensive by far.

Makes the Optus deal seem really good (especially to those who don’t know the Optus/Virgin connection) and maybe makes people take that up more quickly.

Maybe… could of course be something else entirely. 😛

Kenny Jiong Liao

Sounds about right. I’m hoping for a price drop once the exclusivity is out. I don’t want to have to change to optus but I will if virgin isn’t going to drop their ludicrous high price.


I got a feeling their price may be high due to the Optus exclusive, cus them having it at that price sure does make the Optus deal look awesome, so i’m assuming it was part of a deal maybe so Virgin could take it.


Absolute rip imo. Optus has it $0 on Social Plan $49 with plenty of included calls data and free social networking

Wierd thing is, Virgin is supposed to be the cheaper alternative, should be on Smart 45… I’d be willing to speculate that there will be a price drop VERY soon.
well i mean optus having the phone 0 on 59 for 5 minutes then 0 on 49 you be the judge


All plans below the 89 have handset repayments, so for instance the 59 Smart Cap, it’s $8 a month

Kenny Jiong Liao

Yep, As long as virgin keep this on a $60+ Contract they aren’t going to have many takers.
Which is disappointing as I have been very happy with Virgin until now…Looks like i’m switching to optus


That is just too damn expensive. I’ll be changing to Optus for my Galaxy S.


They are a completely separate company however, different call centers, different staff, different warehouse (this just changed very recently) different billing platforms, different activation systems, different ID requirements, the list goes on. They are essentially just owned by Optus and use their network.

Boost, is a marketing brand used by Optus for focusing on the youth market. Virgin is not.


Virgin Mobile Australia is wholly owned by Singtel Optus … it’s just a marketing brand