Looks like someone’s a bit popular, the HTC Legend that is. As you can see above Vodafone have marked it as ‘Out of stock’.

Normally there would be no reasoning behind this other than actually selling out all their stock, and this could indeed be the case, but they also might not get stock back in for a while because of the scarcity of AMOLED Displays that the HTC Legend uses.

We’ll soon find out.

Source: Vodafone Store.
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Probably the screen production


The phone is really out of stock. There is a global shortage of these devices as HTC are struggling to keep up with demand. Unlikely to get any cheaper for at least 2 months.


It hasn’t stopped Vodafone continuing to advertise the phone on television…


When does the Voda exclusive end?


Err not sure where your getting a Desire from for the same price as the Legend.
Desire @ Telstra $700 odd (paid $735 for my husbands, when the rrp was $779, I think the price has gone down now)
Legend @ Vodafone $599 (however I got mine for $549)
And the galaxy S, who’d bother?
The Desire, much like the iPhone is too big for those of us with small hands.


outright price may be different but…
desire = 49 cap
galaxy = 49 cap
legend = 49 cap

possibly voda are taking it offline while they update their plans.


lets hope so, it was overpriced from the beginning


yeh i think 29 cap is really there only option, but they will likely add a small handset repayment with that.


Some of us like smaller phones that last a little bit longer and look a little sexier 😉


I’m with you on that Jo, however the batteries on ALL these phones are very poor. It’s also disappointing that manufacturers see fit to put lower resolution screens in smaller devices. Why can’t we have some super sharp screens in smaller handsets? Sigh….


why would you want one when u can get desire/galaxy for the same price anyway 🙂


Another EOL product ? Lol