HTC initially thought the idea of stocking flagship devices via Harvery Norman would be a good idea.. It wasn’t. The HTC Hero never really took off, and the price was too high. And now months after the launch Harvey Norman has taken a measly $100 off the price.

Surely it can’t be long until they drop it like they did with the HTC Tattoo. But if anyone has too much money, feel free to snap one up 😉

Source: Harvey Norman.
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Ghengis of Coles Gungahlin

Wow, for $10 more, I could buy an 8GB Galaxy S from Mobicity!! Stupid HN, when will they learn?


This is hilarious

Got mine for $699 unlocked from mobicity almost a year ago. They’re now pretty old – and available for much less.


I would never buy anything from Harvey Norman anyway everything is overpriced


Man this is typical of Hairy Numnuts… I bought the Hero from an ebay seller for $720 (free shipping)… and that was when it first launched.

How is $699 cheap when the hero is pretty much a forgotten phone now.


Wait, Harvey Norman’s selling an HTC phone?

*looks up review on Ausdroid*

528MHz? Fail.