The Dell Streak is finally now available for purchase from MobiCity. Priced at $1,019 the Streak is sure to be well worth it. We’ve received a review unit and so far, absolutely loving it. We’re hoping to have a review out by Sunday.

The Streak features a 5″ capacitive display, 5MP camera w/ dual LED flash running Android 1.6, powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU. It’s elegantly design and feels nice in the hand, and surprisingly not too big in your pocket or whilst being used to make a call.

Any questions about the device, I’m more than happy to answer 🙂

Source: MobiCity - Dell Streak.
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Can you change the frequencies it operates on?


Pretty sure it works on all aus networks…??



Been waiting for this for so long, engadget says it’s coming out on the 13th!!!

Can’t wait to order mine from the US (screw double the price from mobicity :p)

John Iehard

You may want to check this before you do – It looks like the US versions are going to be locked to AT&T.

Some of the Whirlpool contributors are reporting that the band *can* be readily swapped between 900 and 850 MHz, though if the device is locked to AT&T, this may not be terribly useful.


Great news for our chums down under. In the US we are still waiting. And waiting. And waiting.


Dell Streak US presale starts August 12th: $300 with AT&T contract, $550 without. you lucky kids you


5″? Wow, now that’s a screen. My concern would be with how long it would take to get Android updates (I’m not planning on ever rooting my phone).