It’s not everyday an unreleased device is spotted in Australia, especially in video, but that appears to be the case this time with the Galaxy Tablet that has been videoed on a Sydney train. The video, which you can see if you hit ‘Read More’, is of the worst quality, although the person taking the video confirmed that it is the Galaxy Tab. It might be one of the droids Optus is looking for..

Source: BGR.
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I wonder if this will have the ability to print. The biggest drawback of the iPad is its inability to print. Being a mobile companion with emails & photos, these things must be able to print wirelessly to a printer connected to a print server. Otherwise, there is no point in having one.


Very nice and more handy, I don’t think its a sydney train though, its so clean..


hahaha thats awesome but at gizmodo, they thought it was a bus LOL

Peter Graham

I actually quite like the size of it .. would love to have a go on one .. cant wait till they announce an Australian release date.