This morning we’re excited to announce our first giveaway/competition in partnership with MobiCity, who have kindly donated us an LG Eve to give away to you, our dedicated readers. The LG Eve is a great little device with a full 5 line QWERTY keyboard that is great for sending texts & emails. With full access to the Android Market you’ll never run out of games to play or apps to inform you.

Some cool LG Eve features:

  • 5 line physical QWERTY keyboard
  • 5MP camera w/ flash
  • 3″ resistive display
  • HSDPA/HSUPA 900/2100MHz
  • FM Radio
  • 2GB microSD
  • DivX Playback
  • Android 1.5

Hit ‘Read More’ to see how to enter!

How to enter

All you have to do to enter is follow two easy steps:

  • Twitter
    1. Follow: @Ausdroid & @MobiCity
    2. Tweet: "Retweet this & follow @Ausdroid & @MobiCity for your chance to win an LG Eve -" (without the quotes..)

A winner will be chosen at random (or the most retweeted ;)) on the 10th of September, so you have just over two weeks to get people retweeting!

[nggallery id=47]

Small print: No delivery outside of Australia, not even if you bribe me.

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Missed out on Mobicity’s gimme competition after crushing my iPhone 3GS with my car.

Now I’m really hoping to win this comp. No only for compensation, but peace of mind that I actually got something out of destroying a perfectly good phone (hardware wise, not the pathetic iOS junk.)
I’ve got more subscribers and friends on Youtube than followers on Twitter, so I messaged everyone of them with the “Retweet this & follow & @MobiCity for your chance to win an LG Eve –” message.

I also tweeted and re-tweeted my brains out.

I’m determined 🙂


hey, fantastic comp guys, looking forward to getting a new phone, ASAP, looks like the LG eve could be a nice pocket addition for me :o)


done 😉 😀


hope me joining twitter is worthwhile (:

james (bunnbash)

i just retweeted… i got a few friends who really want an android phone, so i want to share the love!!!


Lol i even signed up to twitter just to enter, i don’t even know if i did it right


Touche, I have a N1 but certainly wouldn’t mind a backup phone 🙂
Especially one with a physical keyboard.


I take it this ‘competition’ is aimed at children…

Buzz Moody

Sure, why not. Some people out there would love a free phone, no matter what it is.


He he… I like how when you have one to give away it’s a ‘great little device’, but in any other situation you’d bag the crap out of it because it has a resistive display.

Buzz Moody

Hey, I’m not going to point out flaws for something that’s FREE. No matter how bad/terrible/disgraceful the screen is, the keyboard is certainly quite good so you don’t have to use the screen to type, which is the main problem with resistive screens.


Simon, sign up for a Twitter account. I heard there’s a limited free sign-up offer for new Twitter users. So, don’t worry! Although, you do need to fill up 5 whole form-field boxes which might take you a good 15 seconds. 30 seconds if you need to think of a fancy Twitter username. Either way, should take you less time to complete the sign up than it took you to talk about HTC Dream, Nokia and the unfortunate times we live in where we choose a more popular form of social media than one that’s almost completely non-existent.

*smiley face*


But i don’t use twitter 🙁
how come BUZZ doesn’t get any action? this is unfortunate since i’ve lost my HTC Dream phone and now i’m stuck using a shitty old nokia!