It’s been almost a month since HTC announced the Desire HD, Desire Z and of course, and finally is up and available in preparation of the upcoming HTC Desire Z and HTC Desire HD launches. The site itself is extra colourful and appears to be well thought out and designed. Of course you can’t sign up just yet as neither of the devices are available, but it’s good to know it’s there ready to wipe, backup, store SMS, store contacts and find your Desire HD all from the comfort of your computer. Also included is HTC Hub which shows you all the Android Apps that HTC recommend you install on your new device. You can check out all the details here.

Certainly more will come once we all get our hands on the Desire HD once available through VHA.

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You know what else is a bad move… Telstra have not released 2.2 for the Desire… that is crazy… the NEXT generation of one of the top of the line phones is being released, and Telstra do not have it, and they are not releasing Froyo… why would anyone possibly sign up with Telstra…

We are seriously the last country to be getting the 2.2 update…


So does only work with the HD and Z? Or with other HTC phones as well?


I’d assume it requires a specific version of the Sense UI layer and an account for interoperability.

The real question is will HTC release an update for their old phones to make them compatible with the service?

I suspect modders will port the new sense to older devices long before HTC does and HTC will only do it for select high profile (older) devices.


It is quite possible that might be limited to accounts with certain models, regardless of whether you have the new UI ported onto an older phone.

They may add older models later because as far as I am concerned, this is the way to build customer loyalty and it is a great service that no one can do without!


From what I’ve read, its down to the version of SenseUI and HTC is not planning to port the new SenseUI to Desire, thus Desire won’t get


This just makes me want my Desire HD to arrive ASAP.
I believe the unlocked and Sim Free versions have been delayed in the UK until October 25th. Amazon UK changed it’s listed date to that date and Clove has mentioned late October on my order.

I think Vodafone UK gets it on the 14th October though. It might have to do with their exclusivity deal and HTC making sure they have enough stock first.