When I started this site, it was to help spread the word of Android to a greater audience, and so far so good. What I also like to see is Carriers get in on the fun and help push Android as much as they can, and this is something Vodafone are beginning to do very well. What Voda have done is created a moving life-size ‘Andy’ to walk the streets of Sydney (and soon Melbourne) to get people familiar with him.

Voda wanted to get my input on the idea, I gave them some feedback, and they came up with this..

[nggallery id=53]

If you see Andy down the street, be sure to say hi to him for me 😀

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Why is he lurking in back streets? looks like he’s looking for a hooker!


obviously he has a thing for the rubbish bin


Go to circular quay this morning, there is a Giant inflatable Andy at Circular Quay Sydney.


Oh god, the cuteness! Kudos to both the OP and Vodafone for doing this!! (Please let it stay in Sydney! D: Let its twin brother or sister go to Melbourne)

Greg Lamb

wait… my mate got rob and killed in marrickville. hmmmmm maybe andy just hangs out around rail stations lol


I’d wager that HAHA Robot is in that gang too 😮


Awesome, thats Marrickville he’s walking around in. Buckley lane.
I knew i recognized Sultans providors.


Clearly its humping a dumpster, trying to jack a car, and tagging in a back alley – Android is cool!

Joseph D Gould

Hey, Congrats Buzz on getting a story in Engadget… that’s some nice work there 😀


Nawwwwwwww cute!!

I want him to come to Brisbane!!!

eddie gilmore

That is just the job I need. Send me one to Louisville, Ky. Help me eradicate our Hillbilly stereotype.


so cute wanna take him home lol


Very cute. Reminds me of R2D2.


I want to take a pic with him!!
The photo of him peering from behind the dumpster is really cute 😀