Any of you lucky people (unlike us) who have pre-ordered the HTC Desire HD can get excited about any mail for the next 24 hours. Vodafone have announced via their Twitter account about the shipping of the devices, hitting doorsteps tomorrow. Let us know how HTC’s new flagship device goes for you.

Source: Vodafone Twitter.
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I picked mine up from 3 at Eastland(Melbourne) on Monday. Added $37 to my plan, as I have the SE X10 already. Got tired of waiting for that update. The DHD is the BEST phone I have ever seen, much less owned. Speaker is lacking, but that’s alright. I think they will fix it up in subsequent ROMs.

Speaking of the X10, I saw that Crazy Johns had X10s with he 2.1 update already installed! What up?!


I ordered mine yesterday. I was wondering how long it takes to get delivered?

Buzz Moody

You _should_ have it by the end of this week ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks Buzz Fingers are crossed. It’ll be my first Android Smart Phone!!

Nikos Chrisoulis

Saw this post Friday morning, Walked into a store at lunchtime the same day. The shipment was sitting on the floor unopened. Nice! There are actually handsets allocated to 3 as the merger isn’t completed yet, which is good for me. Best phone ever so far.


love my new phone.. canceled my pre-order.. went to a vodafone store and upgraded to my new epic toy ๐Ÿ™‚


got mine…it is great phone…the thing is ..why my sim card is not working../.and why vodafone store cannot actually see my sim card details…..


Been having fun getting used to the new toy. Loving it so far. Something to look forward to for those of you yet to receive yours!


I agree, this is my first android phone, and what a way to enter the arena. I am still finding features I didn’t know about. What great fun.

My workmate who is an applephile, keeps stating “let me know when it crashes” and starts to annoy me.

I told him i’ll call him, but his phone may not have reception.


very good!



DEVASTATED. Hasn’t come yet… Guess Monday for me. Sucks when I actually did pre-order. Should have just waited and gone into a store. Typical….


Ditched my order with Clove Technology on Monday. Foudn out that I will be working form Sydney 3 days a week. So I moved from Virgin to Vodafone (My wife is on Vodafone)to make use of the free calls. Went instore at Knox Shopping Centre without a pre-order and picked up one on the $59 contract. So much for Pre-orders. (The Vodafone store did not have stock but the 3/Vodafone store did which was odd). Unfortunately only managed to set it up with but have not started playing with it yet. It does feel solid and has some weight… Read more ยป


Got mine! Writing this on it right now!


Just bought mine cash for $888 instore! havent turned on yet. battery cover sure does suck!


Just picked one up from instore at Indro in Brisbane. ๐Ÿ™‚


mine arrived about 20 minutes ago. but im stuck at work until 4pm :(. although its nice someone at home rang to tell/taunt me that its waiting.


Just got mine in Brisbane, tracking page says it was delivered at 2:15am though ๐Ÿ˜›



It’s just arrived (does happy happy joy joy dance).

There goes the rest of my work day, playing with my new toy…


YAYAY!! So Jealous! Anticipation is building!!!!!


Does anyone have any comments on the batteries on ebay that can be bought from Hong Kong? They say that they are for the DHD but are 1600mah. I am always wary of purchasing this off ebay from OS.


Others on facebook are reporting that they have recieved their DHDs even though their online tracking ststus has not changed.


Im on Gold Coast and hopefully it comes today. Thanks Chumly for the update.

So everyone, No update to the Tracking Page, but delivery early morning for CBD.

Sounds awesome. I cannot wait!!!!

Chumly, did you get one of these emails as others did?


I’m out in Sydney’s north-western area (near Kellyville) so I suppose I won’t get a delivery until late this morning or maybe early afternoon. Bugger…


Arrived at 9am this morning on the dot.



Did you have any update in your order tracking page?


no, no change since Monday, still says it’s being processed.

Delivered to the Sydney CBD which may make a difference?

Great looking phone btw – haven’t had a chance to turn it on and play with it yet though.


I’ve got a similar e-mail in my Inbox this morning Kris, and mine says the ‘phone was delivered at 8.25 pm 4/11 !! Their tracking system doesn’t seem to be terribly accurate as I haven’t received the ‘phone yet. Looks like I’m stuck here for the day waiting for the courier to turn up.


Im guessing the delivered means delivered to the courier, not to us. Im waiting patiently. I live in the outer area of Newcastle. Usually deliveries get to us around midday. So we shall see what happens.


Mine is blank as well for already 1 week. I guess I will only get one next week then.. Shit!!!


I just got like a welcome to Vodafone email at 10pm tonight and then went into the order tracker and it says DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I assume means its with the courier. YYYYEEEAAAHHH!!!! I’m excited and its christmas eve, can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!



Mine has been the same since friday…. I am eager to get it and keep checking the page for updates….

I will post if mine comes too.

Good Luck!


will post a note as soon as mine arrives!


Indeed, Matt.

I just checked the Vodarort Order Tracking page for my order, and it shows nothing since the order was processed last Friday (29 October)….

Fingers are crossed (which makes it damn hard to type), but not game to hold my breath.


We can only hope…. With all the miscommunication, who knows!